Each time I walk past a particular corner in my living room, I hang my head in shame knowing that I was the cause of yet another plant not living to see another day. I haven’t the heart yet to throw it out thinking that by some miracle it will come alive and be as vibrant as the day I bought it. I did try. When leaves started shriveling up, I removed them so that the others would continue to thrive. Alas, my attempts were futile. The once beautiful, flourishing plant succumbed to the fact that I lack that vital green-thumb gene.

Now the boyfriend has entrusted me to help him maintain a newly sodded backyard. I believe he knows that I am somewhat plant-challenged, but seems to have forgotten that fact as we were placing down 90+ rolls of sod.

Day 1 of the sodding went pretty well. I prepped the ground the best I could while he was picking up the sod. I attempted to attach a yoke and plow to his dog, but she would not cooperate. This left me, the water hose, a cinder block and a rake to do the dirty work. I was halfway done by the time he returned. I continued watering while he finished breaking up the soil and then after a couple of hours we had all the sod laid out.

Day 2 and I’ve already failed my first obligation of watering. What can I say? Life and those never ending last minute errands got in the way. Unfortunately, I did not make it back to the house as early as I thought I would, leaving the BF to do the water duty.

Day 3 and I’m determined to hold up my end of the bargain and give the newly laid sod a chance at a new life. Sure honey, I’ll water when I get there… (I’m estimating getting back by early evening). *in walks life* Oops! Didn’t see that coming. Yes, I know that I had a few errands to run, but did not anticipate the unexpected waiting time that went along with it. Once again, BF made it back to the house before I did.

Day 4 and here I am not even giving any inkling of a promise or even a vague attempt at being there on time to water before he gets back to the house. I have every intention of getting there early, but as I’ve already learned from Day 2 and Day 3, that’s not always the case. Therefore, I’m leaving the day completely open and not committing to any specified watering time. Come to think of it, BF didn’t even ask me to water today. :-\

PLEASE NOTE: No plants were harmed during the typing of this blog