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What do you get when you cross a morning-person with a night-owl?

I enjoy my dark surroundings; blinds drawn closed, dark curtains in bedrooms, night lights allowed only in outlets furthest from where I sleep. I have become accustomed to walking thru a dark house at night, maneuvering around cat toys or kids’ shoes without missing a step. I know my surroundings and am comfortable with dim lighting to lead my way.

Living with a morning-person has made it apparent to me why mogwai no longer exist. The first time I set foot in the BF’s house, it was mid-evening. The interior of his house was lit up with a few dimmer controlled lights, which thankfully were not on high. However, I noticed two windows not covered by window shades or curtains. This was a little disconcerting for me. After all, creatures of the night could easily spy upon you as you go about your business in a well-lit house at night. More on this later.

It wasn’t until later in the relationship that I discovered how visually painful it was to be with a morning person. The morning after the first sleepover and I could not dash under the covers fast enough. What was this? Why were my eyeballs sizzling beneath my closed eyelids? I gingerly peeked out from under the covers only to discover that sunlight, that evil morning light, had invaded every part of the bedroom and bathroom area. Oh, the horror!

A couple of years ago, I traded in my vertical blinds for two floor-length black curtains for my bedroom. Black, you say? Yes, black; which by the way is my favorite non-color. The difference in my sleeping patterns and overall restfulness was amazing. I woke up refreshed and relaxed. Gone was the glaring invasion of that morning sunshine. I was happy and content in my darkened bedroom.

However, on this day I awoke to the realization that it was morning, very early morning. In fact, too early for the average night owl to even contemplate consciousness. And there he was… waking up without a care in the world, his world. And here I was…. now formally introduced to the morning person’s world. A world of waking up early and embracing the beauty of the morning sunshine as it streamed through each of his lightly-covered and non-covered windows.

I was horrified and thought to myself that there was no way I could wake to this every morning. Fortunately, the BF was understanding to my plight and agreed to a few modifications. We found curtains that matched his bathroom decor to cover the frosted glass pane above his whirlpool tub. This was a definite improvement. Also, removing the sash from the bedroom window helped block out a bit more light by allowing the curtains to hang fully down. Although, now that the bedroom has been rearranged, “my side” of the bed is now in direct path of this window. Something will definitely need to be done to remedy that. I sense that dark-curtain shopping is in our future….

In addition to the natural sunlight, there’s another light of contention that needed to be addressed. Dun, dun, dun….. the ever-dependable, ever-glowing nightlight. BF has several nightlights throughout his house; in each bathroom, down the hall, etc. There is one located at the bathroom sink which is adjacent to the bedroom and only separated by an archway. Once the lights go out, this little light, as all nightlights do, comes on. I am used to sleeping in almost complete and total darkness. This light was like a lighthouse beacon! Although, BF was more reluctant to have the plug pulled on this one, he finally agreed to me removing it. He hasn’t yet agreed to pulling the plug on the other nightlights, but I believe the jury may still be out on that one.

In the meantime, there are bigger and brighter issues to address. One morning I awoke, one very bright and early morning, and I made the dreadful mistake of walking down the hallway to get a glass of water. Now we all know that vampires are mythical creatures, but had I, in fact, been a vampire, I would have sizzled down to ash at the end of his hallway. Light streamed in from all directions and I thought I was going to spontaneously combust from the utter brightness. The windows that allow the creatures of the night to peer in from the darkness are the same windows that allow the morning sunshine to penetrate every nook and cranny of the living areas. We have discussed this particular kitchen window and he is agreeable to adding a covering but we have not yet decided what we want or what pattern to select. Until then, I cautiously and carefully venture out only when I am more fully awake and my eyes have adjusted to the light that I’ve gradually allowed to come into the bedroom as I start waking up.

So, back to the original question, what do you get when you cross a morning-person with a night-owl? Compromise? Well, it’s more like a little give and take. While I’ll never have my totally darkened living space again, I do have a much dimmer version of a morning-person world and I suppose I can live with that. It’s been quite an adjustment for the BF as well, so we try to meet in the middle the best we can. Now if I can only work on getting the plug pulled on those other nightlights….. 😉