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cravingWhat do you do when you are overcome with cravings?
When you are attempting to shift your eating habits and patterns, you will tend to run into a few speedbumps along the way. This morning I was greeted with the smell of breakfast burritos cooking downstairs in the main breakroom. I overheard coworkers commenting on what type they wanted. Bacon and chile. Sausage. Another co-worker had brought his in; a chicharone burrito with beans and chile. My favorite!

So what do you do when you’re overcome by tempations and cravings? Gee, I wish I knew the answer to that. My solution was to head in the opposite direction and bury my head underneath a pile of paperwork on my desk. Thoughts started to flow in of all the food I was already missing and a part of me wanted to run into the arms of comfort food.

I sat back and thought to myself, what is it that I want to accomplish? The answers were already there. I was just choosing to ignore them. I want to be healthier. I want to lose weight. I want my body to feel good again. I WANT THAT BREAKFAST BURRITO!!!!

Would that burrito have made me feel good this morning? Yes…. and no.

Over the past couple of months I knew that my body was screaming out for a change. On average, my breakfast would consist of either a breakfast burrito or a breakfast sandwich from a fast-food place. I would come into work, sit at my desk and eat as I read through emails. The first couple of bites would be very satisfying, but afterwards I would look at it and think to myself that wasn’t what I really wanted. Sometimes I would finish it, and other times I would just throw the rest away.

The same would happen for lunch and then again for dinner. It was the same food, just in a different wrapper. It was quick and convenient, fatty and processed.

desk I decided earlier this week to make a conscious effort to change. If I could break my soda habit, why couldn’t I break my bad food habit? Change is so much easier said than done. I look at the road ahead of me and I’m filled with self-doubt. Will I really be able to do this? What will happen if I fail? On the other hand, how will I feel when I succeed? I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet.

I resisted the burrito this morning. Yay!!
It’s a small victory, but I’ll take it. Tomorrow I may have another speedbump ahead of me. And if I do, I’ll just take it slow, seek support from others that are on this same journey as me and do the best that I can to make it over the hump.