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cowRemember those old Wendy’s commercials with the little old lady who would always ask, “Where’s the beef? Where’s the beef?”. I could be that little lady asking the same question when I look down at my lunch or dinner plate. Where the heck is that darn beef? *peering under a lettuce leaf*

Well, I know the answer to that. I gave it up. I made a conscious choice to refrain from consuming meat and dairy products. You may ask why I decided to do that which I talked about in a previous post. So, what happened during this past week, how did I manage to find anything to eat if I didn’t have meat or dairy? Did I starve? I’ve included some questions and answers below that I thought might cover some of those questions.

How did last week go without having meat or dairy?
It went pretty well. I do like meat, but do not need to have it for every meal or even on a daily basis. The same goes for dairy, although I think I like dairy much more than meat. I absolutely love cheese, so thinking of having a salad without a little bit of shredded cheese on top was a little disappointing.

What about feeling restricted or hungry?
I never once felt like I was starving or that I was missing out on something. Well, except for burrito day here at work the other day. That was difficult because I love bacon. Bacon is a meal in itself in my opinion! Bacon, bacon, bacon!!

What did you eat?
I had green smoothies for breakfast which consisted of kale, apple and banana. I brought fruit to work along with a trailmix of raw nuts and craisins to snack on. For lunch, I either had a salad (no cheese), rice or pasta. For dinner, I pretty much had similar to what I had for lunch. Except on burrito day. I was fighting cravings all day long so as soon as I got home, I mashed up some avocados and had guacamole & chips for dinner. Not exactly the best dinner in the world, but it sure did satisfy the cravings the burritos had brought on.

Why are you doing this? What are you hoping to achieve?
My main goal is to try to change the way I eat. I’m a meat and potatoes type of gal. Fruit was something I had at a 4th of July picnic in the form of watermelon slices or incorporated into an apple or peach cobbler. Vegetables had no place on my plate unless it was mashed potatoes or corn. An occasional salad came into play for certain meals, but certainly was not a mainstay item.

I decided that it was time to make a change and see what types of vegetables I could incorporate into my diet that were tasty and I enjoyed eating. I have breached my comfort zone and shopped for items I’ve never used before in a recipe, some of which I’ve never even heard of and somehow I’m going to make them into meals. For example, I had no clue what tahini or nama shoyu was. I had to do a Google search because I didn’t even know what I was looking for. Thankfully the folks at Whole Foods were very helpful in locating a variety of items on my shopping list.

I did most of my ingredient shopping on Saturday. Now that I have a countertop full of raw items, what do I do with them? Stay tuned to find out…..