I was working in the lab late one night…
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight…

What do you get when you cross cauliflower with an avocado and a splash of lemon?  I really wasn’t quite sure, but it was supposed to resemble mashed potatoes. I learned from the previous recipe that despite what it might be called, it wouldn’t necessarily taste quite the same.

recipeI gathered the ingredients together and looked at it as an adventure. I liked cauliflower in my salads, I liked making guacamole out of avocados and I enjoyed a glass of cold lemonade. But what I wondered is…. would these ingredients taste good together?

I looked at a few different recipes and chose one that would best fit what I might like. I pulled out the mini food processor I purchased a couple days before and tossed in the cauliflower. Next came the avocado and a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice. After adding a few spices, I was done.

Looking at my creation, I knew it wasn’t going to taste like mashed potatoes and I really had no expectation of that either. So, did I try it? Looking down at the oddly colored creation, I hesitantly took a bite. The taste was definitely different. I took a few more bites and thought about the taste and texture and asked myself “Is this something I would enjoy?”

With a little bit of practice and changing the ratio of ingredients to one another, I could see the potential of this as a future dish. As a single, solitary meal, however, it just didn’t seem to be very satisfying. So, what was I going to do about that?

I started this journey off as a way to take myself out of my comfort zone and try to make some serious changes to my diet. I wanted to be a person that loved vegetables and that would be excited about all the different tastes and flavors and aromas of foods.

Now that transition week was over and I plunged into the deep end of the pool, I found that I was having a hard time staying afloat. How was I going to find meals to make that were strictly made of raw foods? But more importantly, how was I going to find raw meals that I actually liked?

I started my mornings off with a green smoothie. The smoothies were filling so I knew breakfast would be easy. As a snack I would either have fresh fruit, or a trail mix of walnuts, almonds and craisins. For lunch I had salad but soon discovered that there were only so many salads that I could eat. When it came to dinner, I was clueless. I couldn’t survive off of cauliflower mush every night.

The first couple of nights for dinner, I had chia-banana pudding. It was quick, easy and I liked the taste. In the meantime, I looked at a few suggested recipes and none seemed to be appealing to me. That’s when panic started to set in. What was I going to eat? I couldn’t live off of smoothies, salad and chia pudding forever. Well, I actually could live off of it, but did I really want to?

What I was really missing was the variety. How do I achieve variety when I only liked a handful of vegetables? I was lost.

I needed to make a different type of change, one that would serve me better in the long run. It was time to move back into the transitional state. In order to keep my sanity and enjoy a variety of meals, I decided to continue abstaining from meat and dairy, but add other cooked foods back in. This would give me time to find recipes that appealed to me and try out different raw food combinations without feeling like I had no meal options left.

Now for the next challenge….. Google here I come!