Only 11 more months to go!

Looking back, weeks three and four are nothing more than a blur. I looked back at photos I took for the past two weeks and most of them are not even school related. So what did I do?

Week 3
We started off with a Bach Flower Essence class. This was pretty cool. We took a mini field trip over to the student clinic and the instructor whipped up a batch for us to have in class. Ok… maybe she didn’t whip anything, and it certainly was not a batch either. She grabbed a bottle of this and a bottle of that; and with a little splash here and a little drop there, we had our first flower essence. The one she created was to help anxiety (my suggestion, and selfishly at that!). The past few weeks for me have been nothing short of hectic, stressful and overwhelming.

catThe following day we had our first Herbal Medicine class. I already somewhat knew what to expect from the class since I had taken a few other classes outside of this school, one of which with the same instructor. We took a brief herbal walk around the school grounds and learned what types of plants were growing in the vicinity and what their uses were. A special guest joined us briefly.

Our Swedish Massage class was definitely a new experience for us all, I believe. Last week we learned the basics of draping and received a massage from the graduate students. This week, however, we were going to be practicing on each other. Yikes!  We started out with Effluerage strokes prone and the following night we did supine. It all actually went rather well. I don’t think there were any draping (or undraping) accidents. It was a pretty exciting night because we were actually doing our first massages!  Now, I emphasized the word “first” because it’s the official first time as massage students, but I’m pretty sure most of us have given amateur versions of massages to someone else in our previous lives. 😉

Friday night was A&P and I had to ditch class due to family commitments. The weekend continued with more family obligations, ending with a Sunday full of playing catch up with anatomy homework.

Week 4
We continued with more flowers, herbs and massages. Since we completed Effluerage prone & supine last week, we did a full body massage of Effluerage strokes. The following night we starting with petrissage strokes and practiced prone once again. Now we’re getting some where! I’m ready to start practicing at home and perfecting my newly learned skills!!

jimOnce again, Friday night came and I missed class due to another commitment. This one was still somewhat family related. I did purchase tickets for the family to attend and I’d only been tweeting this guy for years to come to Albuquerque to do a show. Not that he ever responded or acknowledged my tweets, but I can pretend that he came out just for me.  😉

It was a girls’ night with Jim Gaffigan!

And then….. another weekend filled with homework. *sigh*

I failed to mention that the class I missed this last time was also anatomy. Now I’m really behind. Thankfully the instructor was able to meet with me during the week before other classes, but I still feel very behind and getting a bit stressed because of it.

Now that I’ve brought my blog up to speed with the first four weeks completed, I’ll be blogging at least weekly for the remainder of the school year.
*crosses fingers*