Today is the first day of 2015. Happy New Year!!

Any plans on making changes for the new year? Goals?
I had one, actually two, for this first day and I’m already falling short.

I planned on doing some sort of exercise every day. So, what did I accomplish today? Uhm….. I went to the grocery store. So I guess that would be considered “walking”. Although it was at a relatively slow stroll through the aisles, buying food that I won’t be eating in a few more days, but hey, I’m not starting my exercise programs yet so I am taking advantage of my last few fatty days and enjoying foods I plan on giving up soon.

Why do I say “fatty”? Am I really overweight? In my eyes, yes. There are tons of clothes in my closet that I cannot fit into anymore. If you believe in the BMI numbers, I’m just a smidgen over the line into the “overweight” category. Some folks say that I look good, I’m not fat, I don’t need to lose weight, etc….  Are they just being kind or do they see something that I don’t?

Well, regardless, I know that I feel sluggish, tired, have no energy and just don’t feel all that healthy. I say that as I’m snacking on chips and drinking a Dr Pepper while typing up this blog. Not a healthy way to start off the new year, I know.

So….. what’s the purpose of this post you might ask. Well, this is me making myself accountable for my health and well-being. This will be my fitness journal of sorts, along with any other random posts I come up with in the meantime. My hopes are to post daily, and at almost midnight, I’m accomplishing my first post on the first day of my fitness year.

Over the next few days I have a lot of planning to do, such as what fitness goals will I set for myself, what types of foods will I eat, how I’ll plan fitting exercise time into my schedule and so forth. I’ll blog about my successes and my failures, the good and the bad, the temptations and the inspirations and everything in between.