In a few more days I’ll be starting on my fitness journey. I’ve been giving some thought as to what my overall goals will be. These are not quite set in stone but I threw them out to one of the fitness groups I belong to.

My fitness goals for this year…..
• lose 25-30 lbs
• build upper body strength
• increase water intake
• quit sodas
• eat healthier
• fit into all my cute clothes

After I wrote this I began to wonder if I actually had any cute clothes. Over the years I’ve given away tons of clothes that no longer fit me and what I thought I’d never fit into again.

I think all my cute clothes are gone. What I do have are several sizes that I plan on fitting into again. These clothes range from sizes 4-10.

Yikes!!! That means I currently wear something larger than a “10”? I currently wear 11’s, I think. I guess I’d have to double check the size. Maybe they are 10’s. I don’t really know to be honest. I just know which pants fit and which don’t. What feels comfortable and what doesn’t.

So, does a number really matter? Sometimes I suppose it does, but maybe it shouldn’t. Guess I’ll ponder this question further and see what it all means to me as my numbers start changing.