As the hours count down to the start of my fitness fest, I can’t help but participate in some destructive behavior in the way I choose the foods I eat.

This morning started out with a breakfast burrito with extra cheese and a dr pepper. When you break down the contents of the burrito it really doesn’t seem that bad. Tortilla, eggs, potatoes, cheese and green chile. All ingredients that I’ll still be eating, in moderation, of course, and not necessarily in burrito form.

However, when I take that burrito and multiply it by 2 or 3 times per week on my way to work, it tends to add to my unhealthy behaviors. Not to mention the sodas.

Oh, please, don’t mention the sodas!!
Well, now that you have, or more specifically, I have, let me tell you about sodas. Are they good for me? No. Do I know they’re bad? Yes. Do I want to quit. Yes. Do I have the willpower to do so?

Actually, I do. I’ve quit the soda habit many times. What draws me back? I suppose it’s pure laziness. It always seems easier to order a soda with my fast food meal at the drive thru than to ask for water. Poor excuse, yes I know, but habits are hard to break.

This one, though, I will break but I’m not looking forward to it. Soda is the only form of caffeine I consume. I do not drink coffee nor do I drink tea. Yet the caffeine withdrawal will be all the same and that’s what I dread. The withdrawal headaches are not pleasant by any means but I do feel much better afterwards knowing that my body is getting rid of the caffeine addiction that I’ve exposed it to.

So, why don’t I quit today? Well, because I’m stubborn and I have one more day to enjoy my bad behaviors.
*slaps self on hand*