Today was the last day of caloric freedom and I must say we spent it a bit foolishly, but we enjoyed.

We started the day off as any Sunday morning should be started….. sleeping late. 😉 This followed by taking down all of our holiday decorations and then heading out to lunch.

Since today is the final day before we each start our fitness changes, we decided to treat ourselves. We headed to Cheddars for lunch. Apparently, so did half of the city. It was packed, but surprisingly enough, we were seated rather quickly. We started off with the yummiest appetizer I’ve had in a long time…. Wisconsin Cheese Bites. YUM!!! The day that we decide to treat ourselves to a cheat meal, I’m coming back for these bites. But, let’s not get a head of ourselves. It will be quite a while before we’re ready to do a cheat meal.

Lunch was pretty satisfying today and we ended it with a shared dessert. My daughter insisted we try a dessert she found there and I sure am glad we did. I’ll definitely not have a sweet tooth for a while. It was a cookie dessert with ice cream on top. Super yummy! Don’t recall what it was called, but dang was it good.

After lunch it was time to get down to business. We looked over the food choices for the 21 Day Fit plan. We made a shopping list and off to the grocery store we went. We didn’t buy a whole lot of items, but things that we wanted to include in our menus for the first week. Lots of fruits and a few veggies. Neither my daughter, nor I, are big veggie eaters, but we will do our best to fit them into the plan.

As we were putting away groceries, it was time to clear out the fridge and the cupboards. Out went the opened bags of chips and other unhealthy snack items. Other than a few sodas left in the fridge, we pretty much cleaned house out of all the stuff we should avoid over the next few weeks.

I’m not sure how the first few days will go. It will be challenging. I’m not used to planning a whole day of meals the night before, but I think tomorrow will go ok. The one thing I’m definitely not looking forward to is the excruciating caffeine withdrawal headache. I know that by Tuesday night it will subside, but it will still not be very fun. Oh well. It’s my fault for getting back into the soda habit.

I am looking forward to all the changes though. Tonight my daughter and I did some “before” photos and did full body measurements. I’m hoping to see some pretty good progress over the next 21 days. 🙂