I usually don’t feel muscle soreness until two days after a workout. As I was walking up and down the stairs this afternoon at work, I started feeling the soreness settling in my legs. Fatigue has also started settling in. Now why would I be so tired after only one day of dietary changes and exercise? It’s not that I am actually that badly out of shape. I think it’s due to the fact that during my time off over the holidays, my daughter and I had many days and late nights of a “House” marathon. We are currently at the end of Season 5 now. So, going to bed late and waking up even later made the past two days difficult because my body wasn’t ready to start the day at 6am and go non-stop until 10pm.

I have to admit that today is a tougher day for me though. I was a lot hungrier than I thought I’d be, partially due to the fact that I didn’t adequately pack the meals for today. I’ll know better next time.

Physically I do feel quite run down today. I haven’t quite experienced the caffeine withdrawals. I’ve had two minor headaches yesterday and today that resolved once I took Excedrin. So I’m not feeling the full effect is normally be faced with. Maybe the fact that I’ve been keeping myself well hydrated has helped too. I’ve managed to drink about 64oz both days which is a huge accomplishment for me considering I rarely drink water at all. I must remind myself that water is my friend and I need to continue hydrating throughout the day. So I’ve started carrying a water bottle with me wherever I go.

The day is almost over. I only have the exercise video to do and decide what to pack for meals tomorrow. So I’ll end this post by reminding you to drink your water. It’s good for you. Just do it. Your body will thank you. Honest.