Who knew that walking would be so painful. Not to mention squatting to sit down and get up and…. well, you get the picture.

I hadn’t worked out in quite a long time, so starting back up again was quite a shock to my muscles.

Yesterday the stairs were not my friend. Today, being “day 2” after my initial workout, was the day that my muscles were screaming. It hurt to walk, squat and basically move in any type of fashion that required my quads to get me around.

Despite the discomfort of movement, I did walk 2 miles this afternoon during my break. However, as the day went into evening I felt less and less enthused about working out when I got home.

Today’s 21DF workout was the “lower fix”. As I was driving home I thought that maybe my daughter would be ok with skipping tonight’s workout since I knew she was a bit sore too. We arrived home at the same time and she headed to her room and I went to the kitchen to put groceries away. My thought was “if she comes back in with her workout clothes on then we will do the video; if she hasn’t changed then I’ll talk her out of working out”.

Sure enough, my daughter walked down the hall all ready to work out. I briefly complained about my legs being so sore. She said , “Come on, mom!”.

I must say that the lower fix was difficult for me. One, I have issues with my knee so it makes squats a bit more difficult. Two, my thighs were burning. I managed to compete workout doing modified moves and after it was all over I was glad that daughter pushed us to get it done.

Day 3 is done! Yay!! Hopefully I won’t be as sore tomorrow and I’ll be more enthusiastic about the next workout. So, as I slowly lift myself off the couch and head to bed, I leave you with a couple pictures.

The first is one of our workout buddies. Seems that our cats have taken quite an interest in exercise.

The second pic is where I’m at with flexibility. My hamstrings have always been very tight so sitting and stretching forward with straight legs has always been a challenge. This is how far I can reach today. At Day 21 I’ll take another picture and see how far I’ve come.