My daughter is my rock. I’m so not feeling it today. All I want is sleep. I came home tonight and asked daughter if we are working out. She says “yes, mom”. Ok, that’s good enough for me. But if she weren’t here, I think I’d be skipping Day 4 and heading straight to bed.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I’m wanting to give up or that I’m lazy. Ok, yes, I belong to couch-potatoes anonymous but that’s beside the point. My days exhaust me. I work all day and then go to school at night. Which means, I am not able to workout until I get home at 9 or 9:30 at night. Then after the workout it’s time to prepare lunches.

It’s like a double-edged sword. My schedule exhausts me because I’m not in shape, but to get in shape will initially exhaust me more. What’s a girl to do?

I’m gonna tough it out the best I can. I know that after I pass the bumpiness of the first couple of weeks then I’ll have more energy, feel more alert and stay on track. But today I am dragging….. Ugh.

Besides the exhaustion, another stumbling block is being adequately prepared. We made our lunches last night and daughter got her snacks together. I knew I had some stuff at work so I didn’t plan on taking much with me. However, I forgot my fruit for my snack. Then when I went to have lunch, I pull my salad out of fridge to discover that it had semi-frozen. That derailed my meals a bit. After a while my salad started to thaw and I ate a little but it was weird so I didn’t finish. I also didn’t anticipate evening snack for school and had no time in between to grab something. So I ended up eating cheese crackers which were definitely not on the approved list of healthy foods. All the more reason why I should “want” to workout tonight.

Hmmm….. Sleep? or work off fatty food? I still vote for sleep but as I’m writing this blog I’m sitting here in my workout clothes waiting for daughter to change into her exercise clothes.

So I can check off Day 4 workout as completed and give myself a minus for the not so healthy food I had today. I’ll try to be better prepared tomorrow. At least we are consistent on smoothies so that’s something. :-p

Here’s my daughters breakfast smoothie so she gets some greens into her diet……