No workout today. It’s after 11:30 on a Friday night. We all got home late and neither of us have the energy or the will power to put on our workout clothes and head into the other room.

So what do you do on days like this? Do you feel guilty as you head to bed knowing that you didn’t stick to the food or exercise plan?

How do I feel at this moment? I feel tired as I try to get this blog typed before the stroke of midnight. But more importantly, I feel really good. I had a fully productive day. I had four massages scheduled at the clinic. I did three because one was a no-show, but that worked out in my favor. It allowed me to have a break in between and have a snack. Plus, I was able to get a 15-min chair massage from a classmate. Win for me!

Later in the evening we all went to my daughter’s school to watch the talent show where my daughter performed two songs. One was a duet with a friend of hers. The other was a solo opera piece. She sang beautifully. Afterwards she headed out with some friends to iHop. I told her to go have fun and not worry about sticking to the diet and we’ll work out more tomorrow.

So we have plans to head to the gym tomorrow and have an extra workout. Then it’s back to another busy day of homework and figuring out what foods will be on the menu for the next week.

(Here’s a peek at what was on the late night menu tonight. Tsk tsk)